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Monday, November 10, 2014

Android Application Development for the Intel Platform

Book Title:   Android Application Development for the Intel Platform
Author:         Ryan Cohen, Tao Wang
Year :            2014
Language:    English
Pages:           520
The number of Android devices running on Intel processors has increased since Intel and Google announced, in late 2011, that they would be working together to optimize future versions of Android for Intel Atom processors. Today, Intel processors can be found in Android smartphones and tablets made by some of the top manufacturers of Android devices, such as Samsung, Lenovo, and Asus.

The increase in Android devices featuring Intel processors has created a demand for Android applications optimized for Intel Architecture: Android Application Development for the Intel® Platform is the perfect introduction for software engineers and mobile app developers. Through well-designed app samples, code samples and case studies, the book teaches Android application development based on the Intel platform—including for smartphones, tablets, and embedded devices—covering performance tuning, debugging and optimization.

This book is jointly developed for individual learning by Intel Software College and China Shanghai JiaoTong University.

What you’ll learn
+ Comprehensive introduction to the Intel ® Embedded and mobile hardware platform
+ Android app GUI design principles and guidelines
+ Covers the latest Intel Android development tools, including Intel Beacon Mountain version 0.6 and the Intel Compiler
+ NDK and C/C++ optimization
+ Designing and optimizing for low-power consumption

Who this book is for
The book is primarily for app developers, software engineers and open-source programming enthusiasts, but can also be used by for training programs and Codeacademy-style programs.

Table of Contents
1. Overview of Embedded Application Development for Intel® Architecture2. Intel Embedded Hardware Platform
3. Android Application Development Processes and Tool Chains for Intel® Architecture
4. Real Device Environment Installation
5. The Android OS
6. Customization and Installation of Android
7. GUI Design for Android Apps, Part 1: General Overview
8. GUI Design for Android Apps, Part 2: The Android-Specific GUI
9. GUI Design for Android Apps, Part 3: Designing Complex Applications
10. GUI Design for Android Apps, Part 4:Graphic Interface and Touch Screen Input
11. Performance Optimization for Android Applications on x86
12. NDK and C/C++ Optimization
13. The Low-Power Design of Android Application and Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel GPA)–Assisted Power Optimization

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