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Monday, November 10, 2014

Crochet At Home

Book Title:   Crochet At Home
Author:         Brett Bara
Year :            2013
Language:    English
Pages:           144
Get 25 small and quick crochet projects from top designers to add color and cheer to your home!

In Crochet at Home, editor Brett Bara and a team of crochet experts bring 25 exciting home projects to life. Explore a collection of practical, pretty pieces for your kitchen, living room, and bedroom: from a riotously colorful blanket, to a delicate bunting of crocheted snowflakes, to flower-inspired trivets that are anything but dull-and even a full-sized ottoman! Techniques such as felting, lace, and crocheting with wire will appeal to beginner and advanced crocheters alike.

Projects are made in affordable yarns, especially for large pieces and ones that take a beating, like kitchen accessories. Join Brett and her team of all-star crocheters in this cheerful, affordable, and occasionally humorous take on home decor in this new and approachable resource.

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