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Monday, November 10, 2014

Crochet Pink

Book Title:   Crochet Pink 
Author:         Janet Rehfeldt
Year :            2013
Language:    English
Pages:           96
So many of us have been impacted by breast cancer, whether we've dealt with it personally or know someone who has. A special crocheted gift is a tangible way to show our support to loved ones--or our appreciation to our caregivers. These beautiful crochet patterns are ideal.

Choose from 26 attractive accessories, including a comforting shrug and jacket, face cloths, cozy socks and slippers, and other small, quick-to-crochet items
+ Incorporate affordable amounts of luscious yarns such as alpaca, cashmere, and silk that are soothing against the skin and easy to wear comfortably
+ Use those waiting-room hours to crochet something from the heart that will be welcomed and treasured

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