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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Essential Japanese Grammar

Book Title:   Essential Japanese Grammar
Author:        Masahiro Tanimori, Eriko Sato Ph.D.
Year :            2012
Language:    English
Pages:           416
Essential Japanese Grammar is an indispensable study guide for students of the Japanese language at all levels.

Long the standard in Japanese language education, it provides clear, jargon-free explanations of how Japanese grammar works and offers hundreds of example sentences. It is an essential handbook for self-study or for the classroom and should be a valued resource for years to come. A strong foundation in grammar is vital to those wishing to learn Japanese as a whole.

Essential Japanese Grammar presents a number of unique features. First, grammatical terminology has been kept to a minimum so that extensive prior knowledge of grammar is not required. Second, abundant example sentences written in Japanese characters (kana and kanji) followed by romanji and English translations. Third, the authors have tried to reveal aspects of grammar that may not be found in comparable grammar books such as rare Japanese verbs, adjectival nouns, clauses adverbs, etc.

This book contains:
+ parts of speech.
+ sentence constructions.
+ conjugations forms.
+ speech styles and tones.
+ accentuation rules.
+ essential words and functional elements.
+ an appendix for referencing and cross-referencing Japanese words.

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