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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Historical Dictionary of Nepal

Book Title:   Historical Dictionary of Nepal
Author:        Nanda R. Shrestha, Keshav Bhattarai
Year :            2003
Language:    English
Pages:           448
Nepal is a land of contrasts-a marvelous vista. It rises impressively like a giant stairway from the northern exentions of the Gangetic plain, just a notch above sea level, to the majestic heights of snow-capped mountains. No less fascinating, however, is its sociocultural landscape. Still tightly chained to its past, Nepal has been, for more than four decades, staggering along the path of pseudo modernization. In recent years, this tiny nation of some 21 million has seen the dawn of democracy but is now mired in the murky waters of feudal politics as its various clans wage internecine battles to reap the spoils of power. 
Often viewed as an exotic curio shop, Nepal is a popular destination for a growing number of western tourists and mountaineers. Yet the country is generally relegated to the fringes of most westerners' mental maps of the world. Nepal, is however, more than an exotic back-country with a magnificent gallery of mountains made for National Geographic and television documentaries. It is a country right in diverse cultural traditions that often reflect its geographical diversity as well as historical longevity.

Lucid and jargon-free in style, this volume is designed to offer a concise account of Nepal's history and political evolution, especially focusing on the period since the rise of Prithvi Narayan Shah in 1743 and on the developments that have taken place in the last 50 years. In addition, the volume provides valuable information on the country's economy, population dynamics, social systems, and cultural continuity and change in order to highlight the interface between traditional values and the forces of modernity and globalization, i.e., growing western influence. This resource is a highly informative book for both specialists and non-specialists interested in Nepal.

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