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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lacework for Adventurous Crocheters

Book Title:   Lacework for Adventurous Crocheters
Author:         Margaret Hubert
Year :            2013
Language:    English
Pages:           144
This step-by-step technique reference introduces and thoroughly explores several styles of crochet that produce lacy fabric. 

With Lacework for Adventurous Crocheters, you'll delve into many exciting methods, including:
- Bruges lace
- Irish crochet
- Freeform crochet

Each section includes easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions, teaching all that is necessary to master the required skills. Charts, diagrams, and graphs are also provided, and swatch exercises in each section give the reader a chance to try the skills. Sections end with three to five small projects. Master this beautiful craft with Lacework for Adventurous Crocheters!

Lacework for Adventurous Crocheters Reviewed by Lucky on 1:44 AM Rating: 5

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