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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Politics and Population Control

Book Title:   Politics and Population Control
Author:        Kathleen A. Tobin
Year :            2004
Language:    English
Pages:           184
What is population history about? It's about birth rates, migration, and economies. It's about families, women, and babies. It is about agricultural production, military conflict, colonies, and race. In short, population history is the human story. This book shows that population issues—numbers of people, how to feed them, their employment, racial makeup, intelligence, health, sexual behavior, and reproduction—have concerned authorities for centuries. The primary documents in this volume illustrate those concerns from the mid-18th century to the present. Provided is background information on each document and coverage of a variety of population perspectives.

All of the concerns illustrated in this volume have helped to mold population policy. From the threat of a population explosion, familiar to those growing up in the 1960s, to birth control, women's rights, and lawmakers' desires to address social ills, this book covers a wide spectrum of issues. Included is a variety of documents, such as treatises, essays, speeches, articles, and passages from books. Tobin's introductory commentary provides a framework for the documents, pointing to their intent and significance. This is the only comprehensive source of documents on population, making it a valuable resource for both professional and armchair historians.

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