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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Puzzles to Puzzle You

Book Title:   Puzzles to Puzzle You
Author:        Devi Shakuntala
Year :            2005
Language:    English
Pages:           136
For many, mathematics is a scary subject that they have been taught to hate right from their childhood. The subject is often termed as hard and tedious, and people hardly take the time to delve into its formulae and theories. Mathematics can be fun, though, when approached in the right way. This puzzle book shows its readers delightful ways in which they can tease their brains and make them work, through solving some very interesting maths problems. Puzzles to Puzzle You features exciting and intriguing mathematical puzzles that will help readers sharpen their maths skills in a fun way. The puzzles here are devised and presented by Shakuntala Devi, the well-known mathematical genius from India. Matching wits with the genius and trying to solve the puzzles can be a very interesting and productive activity, especially for students, children, and professionals.

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