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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Scientific Thought in Context

Book Title:   Scientific Thought in Context
Author:        K.Lee Lerner
Year :            2008
Language:    English
Pages:           1468
Scientific Thought in Context is a comprehensive guide to the history of science and serves as an authoritative bridge between science content and social issues. 
This work supports both basic and advanced curriculums in biology, chemistry, general physical science, physics, and Earth science as well as history and the social sciences. Topics include: The Big Bang Theory, Biochemsitry, Cloning, Evolutionary Theory, Newtonian Physics, Microchip Technologies, Pseudoscience and Popular Misconceptions among many others. It offers 140 articles written by global experts as well as more than 400 color photographs, illustrations, maps, and tables that put the topics into context. The Words to Know section within each entry helps students to read in context without being overwhelmed by scientific terminology, while a chronology includes many of the most significant events in the history of scientific thought and advances of science.

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