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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Small Bites Big Flavor

Book Title: Small Bites Big Flavor
Author: Eric Levine
Year : 2013
Language: English
Pages: 232
This imaginative cookbook is written for the home chef who wants to expand their repertoire in creating fun and unconventional dishes whether the gathering is for two, twenty, or two hundred. Through recipes bursting with personality, award-winning Chef Eric LeVine offers truly innovative takes on tried and true favorites, such as a twisted mini chicken pot pie, an amazing mouthful of flavor. The smallest of bites showcase three main ingredients used in three different preparations, such as mushroom, ginger, and chicken used three ways. Also included are recipes for delectable mid-sized, larger, and sweet bites--even some signature cocktails! Throughout, this engaging chef includes notes to encourage the home cook to enhance and change up their meals using these recipes as a base. All the 100-plus recipes, from Artichokes Stuffed with Pork and Ricotta to Brown Sugar Bacon Cupcakes, are accompanied by stunning photographs. You'll learn how much fun food can be to prepare, present, share, and of course to eat!

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