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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Business of WiMAX

Book Title:   The Business of WiMAX
Author:        Deepak Pareek
Year :            2008
Language:    English
Pages:           328
WiMAX holds great promise for the future of broadband communications.

Companies and consumers are increasingly dependent on broadband and are committed to taking broadband to the next level with mobile broadband or 802.16e, the WiMAX standard. The Business of WiMAX offers a complete guide to this exciting technology, addressing the critical issues surrounding WiMAX and its future.  The author discusses the need for the technology, before explaining its architecture and deployment, modulation technology, wireless standards, spectrum issues, and network topology.  Applications and the market for these are covered in-depth, and the exciting future of WiMAX is discussed. The book provides strategy and recommendations for achieving success in such a dynamic scenario.

The Business of WiMAX:

Offers a uniquely balanced business and technology perspective on the critical issues surrounding WiMAX and its place in the evolving broadband wireless industry.
Explains the need, use, market, trends, business models, and the future road map for WiMAX technology.
Provides strategy and recommendations to a variety of different players, including service providers, equipment manufacturers and chip makers.
Supports practical insights with numerous examples and real-world case studies.
This text is essential reading for professionals, strategists, leaders, researchers, analysts, investors and others in the IT and Telecoms domain. Managers planning to deploy wireless networked computing devices in their organisations, ICT consultants, business strategists, systems engineers and architects, and final year undergraduate and postgraduate students and academics will also find this an invaluable guide to WiMax.

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