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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Vegan Dinner Party

Book Title:   Vegan Dinner Party
Author:        Sandra Vungi
Year :            2014
Language:    English
Pages:           128
Vegan Dinner Party contains only the best selection of amazingly tasty recipes that will make your family and friends fall in love with all these new yet comforting tastes. Guests at your vegan dinner party will talk about these recipes for years to come! Vegan Dinner Party has you covered from soups, salads, and spreads to main dishes and cakes. You can even find a whole selection of dreamy no bake desserts and a barbecue and Christmas special. Recipes include:
+ Curried chickpea and avocado salad
•+ Crispy “fish” fingers
+• Meaty lentil balls
•+ Heavenly cabbage rolls
•+ Savory filled pancakes
•+ Lentil and vegetable pie
•+ Baked onions with creamy lemony mushroom filling
•+ Dreamy no-bake chocolate cherry cake
•+ Carrot and peanut butter brownies
•+ Decadent pull-apart cinnamon bread
•+ Black pudding sausages
•+ And more!

The recipes in the book are doable and affordable and are made with familiar ingredients that you can find in your local grocery store—no fancy, complicated, and expensive ingredient lists! The dishes are home-style, flavorful, and filling. With sixty-four delicious recipes and beautiful, full-color photographs, Vegan Dinner Party is the perfect cookbook for all of your friends, whether they’re vegan or not!

Vegan Dinner Party Reviewed by Lucky on 12:36 AM Rating: 5

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