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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Voyages in Classical Mythology

Book Title:   Voyages in Classical Mythology
Author:        Mary Ellen Snodgrass
Year :            1994
Language:    English
Pages:           472
Organized by character or traveler's name, each entry includes a description of the voyager's life, their journey, alternate versions of the story, symbolism, cross-references, and a list of ancient sources. Each entry in Voyages in Classical Mythology is accompanied by a map, helping readers trace the routes of heroes and deities whose quests took them to such faraway destinations as Egypt, Sparta, Troy, and the Black Sea.

Tales include some of mythology's greatest moments, including Daedalus's trip to Crete, his entrapment in the labyrinth he designed, and the fateful flight back to Italy with his son, Icarus; Helen's voyage from Greece to Troy and back again; and Orpheus's journey to the Underworld to retrieve his bride. Voyages in Classical Mythology also includes a convenient glossary of relevant terms from Greek and Roman Mythology and a detailed index. The eloquent text makes the complex themes of classical scholarship accessible to a wide range of readers. Students and nonspecialists of any age will thoroughly enjoy these fascinating journeys.

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