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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Getting Started with OrientDB

Book Title:   Getting Started with OrientDB
Author:        Claudio Tesoriero
Year :           2013
Language:   English
Pages:          138
ISBN-10:    1782169954
Become an expert in OrientDB through our easy to follow tutorial written by a Certified Developer. Taking you step by step through the full process of utilizing OrientDB, it can also be used as an excellent reference book.


Learn how to install, configure, use, and deploy OrientDB Handy manual forEasy to follow step-by-step instructions to understanding OrientDB Useful as a Qquick reference for your projects
In Detail

In modern software applications, often there is the necessity to manage very big amounts of unstructured data with varying schema. In this scenario, instead of relational databases, we can use OrientDB, an open source NoSQL DBMS written in Java. Inspite ofDespite being a document-based database, the relationships are managed with direct connections between records. It supports schema-less, schema-full, and schema-mixed modes.

Getting Started with OrientDB will be your handy, quick reference guide, for all document-graph DBMS functionality. Administrative tasks, deployment, designing a database, different ways of querying and consuming data - all that you need to know about OrientDB is presented keeping with practical usage in mind. You will be able to install, setup, deploy, and configure databases with OrientDB for applications.

Getting Started with OrientDB will allow you to use its OreintDB’s main functionality immediately. The book will guide you through the discovery of one of the most powerful NoSQL databases available today. It will then take you through downloading and installing OrientDB, cluster deployment, programming, discovering OrientDB’s potential, and its features.

The book covers useful administrative topics such as import/export, automatic backups, and configuration tips. Furthermore, design concepts like user management, document databases, graph databases, and dictionaries are covered. Finally, concepts and programming examples are shown in Java.

What you will learn from this book

Build up from source code and run the test suite Learn and choose the right kind of database supported by OrientDB Know Learn more about OrientDB internal architecture, security, user management, classes, and clusters Use the command line console and the embedded web console tools Use the Nnative Java API to connect and interact with an OrientDB server and use SQL-like language Understand performance tuning and improve performance Embed the OrientDB core in your own Java project Write custom code and set up a cluster of OrientDB servers

A standard tutorial aimed at making you an OrientDB expert, through the use of practical examples, explained in a step-by-step format.

Who this book is written for

Getting Started with OrientDB is great for database designers, developers, and systems engineers. It is assumed that you are familiar with NoSQL concepts, Java, and networking principles.

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